The cliff rised above the water when ice left it ten thousand years ago. For five
thousand years it just was; it saw water running by, sun going up and down in
the sky and seasons following each other. No one bothered it and it bothered no one.

Then something happened. People came. They hunted elks, deer, bears and other
animals with stone headed arrows. Elk was the most important. Elk was their
sister and brother, Elk was their mother and father, Elk was god and
the sun was Elk. When Elk dies, nothing exists any more.

People named the cliff Holy and painted pictures on its face, pictures of their
gods and beliefs. There was the great Elk, their fore-father. Colour was red,
red as the rock, red as blood, red as life itself.


Kuu-Akka -- Moon-Lady:
goddess of fertility, mother of the Great Elk

Suuri Aurinkohirvi -- the Great Elk:
the sun, fore-father of the clan, runs across the sky in the daytime,
at night travels from west to east along the river of death

Angervo Vipunen:
an old shaman who sang until he became a cliff,
also known as a god of fertility

Tales in Finnish